P. Denise La Costa – Maui Chamber Orchestra

P. Denise La Costa

Board of Directors

P. Denise La Costa (Mullins) was born and raised in Longview, Washington. (And, the “P” doesn’t stand for anything.) After 27 years in Longview, Washington she moved to Tacoma for 10 years, attended college and graduated with an AAS and a BA in Business with minors in English and Finance. When her grandma fell and broker her hip, P. Denise moved to Southern California to take care of her. While there, she was hired by Lawrence Welk in the fall of 1988 and was groomed for executive management. In January 1990 the Welk Company transferred her to Maui to be the Director of Administration at the Maui Schooner. After the project sold out, Ms. La Costa got her real estate license and has been licensed since 1992. On June 1, 2004 she opened her own boutique real estate brokerage firm and has been a successful Realtor for almost 27 years. Music of almost every genre has a place in her library, but Classical music has her heart. The arts in general are important to her. Live theater viewing and participation have always been important and La Costa has contributed to many local theater groups and both school and independent music groups, PBS and HPR. Music has always been a major and integral part of her life. Her fondest memories as a child are awakening every Saturday morning to the sounds of her mom singing along with music composers from Chopin, Debussy, Satie, Mozart, and Tchaikovsky to Brahms, Rachmaninoff, and her favorite, Rimsky-Korsakov (Scheherazade). Classical music, a cup of tea and an English biscuit was how Saturdays started. So integral is music in fact, that when she was confirmed, P. Denise took St. Cecilia, the patron saint of music as her patron saint. Her motto “We are all her to help each other” is one she earnestly lives. She enjoys volunteering for events for her charities and the Realtors Association of Maui, to further the way she lives.