Individual Giving | Maui Chamber Orchestra

The annual giving of individuals and foundations has been instrumental in advancing the artistry of the Maui Chamber Orchestra. The Annual Fund provides the MCO’s single largest and most sustainable form of revenue, in addition to the many other forms of support we receive. The following pages recognize patrons who made gifts between July 22, 2016, and July 22, 2017, in support of the Maui Chamber Orchestra and CHIMES.

*We thank these donors for contributing a monthly recurring Annual Fund gift as a member of the Sustainer Program.

We have given careful attention to ensure a complete and accurate list. If your name has been misspelled or omitted, please accept our apologies and inform us of the error by calling 808-214-6371 or emailing

Donors to the Maui Chamber Orchestra

July 22, 2016 – July 22, 2017

$25,000 and above
The Daniel W. Dietrich II Foundation, Philadelphia, PA

Kristin Holmes

The Fred Baldwin Memorial Foundation

Lee Cone
Atherton Family Foundation

Cooke Foundation, Limited

Walter J. Bissett & Bernard Foong
Michael & Lee Cone
Yvette Crosby
Foodland Give Aloha
Noralee Rockwell
Angela Kepler & Frank Rust
Charles Spence
Stephen & Janice Roberts Sussman
The Dorrance Family Foundation

Carmen Amadio
Cindee Burkitt
Jeanne Duberstein
Delphinia Dorrance
Andrea P. & Jim Harris
William & Donna Johnson
Ian Kinnear
Jane Lovell
David & Jeanette McKinley
Jack Naiditch
Frances Ort
Patierno Lam Ohana
Jolyne Rego
Noralee Rockwell
Kathleen Worley

Larry Armstrong
Bunt Burkhalter
Patrick Culp
Carolyn Schaefer Gray
Donna Howard
Christopher Jacobs
Florence Johnson
Jennifer Meyers & Arnold Jacobson
Leslie Mullens
Caren E. Nelson
Gregory Park
Christine Phillips
Carol Sefick
Zel & Marjorie Terluin
Pam Weaver
Fred Wong

James Aarona
Judy Anderson
Sharon Atkinson
Susan Bentley
Bobbie Best
Evelyn Billington
Susan Bradford
Virginia Cantorna
Martha Dean
Daniel Deknis
Martin Diamond
Robert Djurdjevic
Lynn Erickson
Lori Fisher
Jamie & Carolyn Fox
Kathleen Hass
Persis Hataria
Dana Hays
Leslie Holmes
Donna Howard
Marlowe Hyer & Joseph D’Antonio
Thomas Johnson
Mary B. Johnston
Ferne Kawahara
Rona & Thomas Landrigan
Carol Lem
Marc Lowenstein
Laurie Lowson
Douglas & Gale McNish
Linda Monahan
Ruth Murata-Eisen
Sara Patton
Christine Phillips
E. & C. Probert
Jeane & Charles Raine
Barbara Roark
John Rowehl
Pratima Seefeldt
Rhonda Stoltzfus
Anthony Takitani
Leah Tinkleman
Karen Tong
A.P.S. Wakida
Christine Warren
Susan Weihl

Up to $99
Greg Aguera
Lehua Barboza
Norman Bondy
Eliza Brady
Bobbie Jo Curley
Robert DeNigris
John Galvan
Sharmen Graydon
Marion Haller
Andrew Howick
Stuart Karlan
Bill Kepler
E. M. Leventhal
Anders Lyons
Paul Morasch
Sherilyn Morrison
Gail Pickholz
Dorothy Tolliver
W. Douglas Van Loan
Gretta Wagner
Coleen Welty
Terry & Dale White
Audrey Wilson
Suzanne Young

100+ Women Who Care Maui
At just one meeting, in just one hour, 100+ individual commitments turn into a $10,000+ donation for a worthy cause right here in Maui County.

Communities Helping In Music Education for Students was the June 2017 recipient from these wonderful women:

Darlene Abt
Paula Ambre
Courtney Jill Avichouser
Roz Baker
Barbara Bezdicek
Faith Blessing
Marjorie B Bonar
Kristine Roberts Bowman
Diana Brady
Roxy Brandel
Mari Jolynn Brown
Teresa Brown
Yvette Ann Broyles
Lauren Calder
Sarah Caledonia
Kelly Cannon
Dee Chapon
Lisa Chappel
Coconut Condos
Tiffani Connelly
Jean Coontz
Lisa Currier
Sharon T. Daniels
Lisa Darey
Roxanne Darling
Mishkin Derakhshan
Heavenly Destinations
Rachael Domingo
Jeanne Duberstein
Susan Embree
Geraldine Endean
Arianna Feinberg
Debra Finkiewicz
Deborah King Ford
John Forsyth
Barbara Gach
Gloria Garrett-Azzara
Carol S. Gentz
Penny Gerbode
Patricia Gotschalk
Marta Greenleaf
Andre Haigh
Laura Hanelson
Hermine Harman
Julia Harris
Hilary Harts
Claire Harvey
Chelsea Hill
Elizabeth Hodges
Molly Hoffman
Kristin Holmes
Audrey Hord Photography
Donna Howard
Wendy Hudson
Laurie Hughes
Jill Huschke
Bootzie Inc.
Glad Life Inc.
Hawaii Bound Inc.
Kecia Joy
Robin Lee Kaiser
Catherine Karalius
Suzanne Kayian
Kina's Maui Condo Rentals
Kelly King
Malinee Kruasing
Laura Mae Legsay
Laurie Lodato
Toni Ann Martin
Katherine Mayo
Rosa McAllister
Dorothy McCoy
Lisa Meadows
Rachel Medeiros
Julie Meszaros
Jennifer B Meyers
Linda Millar
Shannah Milstead
Debra Morrill
Cheryl Mullen
Linda Neal-Lafragiola
Lynn Novitsky
Denise Dalaimo Nussbaum
Jennifer Oberg
James Oksen
Hanna Oliver
Elizabeth Osborn
Susan E Osborn
Matteo's Osteria
Mary Jo Padilla
Dusty Pence
Angie Peters
Amy Petersen
Kathryn Petty
Christine Phillips
Aloha Potts
M. Potts
Amanda Prouty
Linda Puppolo
Ernestine Ramirez
Sandrina Redfern
Renee Riley
Stella Rivers
Adele Rugg
Deborah Caulfield Rybak
Faun Ryser
Wendie Schwab
Cristine Simmons
Sally Sonnichsen
Olavine Spa
Kimberly Stiller
Kathryn Strohl
Gail Swanson
M. Terluin
Alice Van
Jean Vance
Patricia Wagoner
Pam Weaver
Jenn Welch
Ruby Wong
Marti Wukelic

In-Kind Donations
Kihei Lutheran Church, Pastor Joel Martyn
Little Red Wagon Moving Company, Scott Hagenow
Swan Interiors, Kristin Holmes
Walter J. Bissett
Paul-Janes Brown
Bonnie Newman
Peggy Schecter
Angela Kepler