Individual Giving – Maui Chamber Orchestra

The annual giving of individuals and foundations has been instrumental in advancing the artistry of the Maui Chamber Orchestra. The Annual Fund provides the MCO’s single largest and most sustainable form of revenue, in addition to the many other forms of support we receive. The following pages recognize patrons who made gifts between Oct 1, 2017, and Sept 30, 2018, in support of the Maui Chamber Orchestra and CHIMES.

*We thank these donors for contributing a monthly recurring Annual Fund gift as a member of the Sustainer Program.

We have given careful attention to ensure a complete and accurate list. If your name has been misspelled or omitted, please accept our apologies and inform us of the error by calling 808-214-6371 or emailing

Donors to the Maui Chamber Orchestra

Oct 1, 2017 – Sept 30, 2018

$25,000 & above
The Daniel W. Dietrich II Foundation of Philadelphia, PA

Caron Barrett & Deborah Vial of KW Island Living

Atherton Family Foundation

Hawaiʻi State Foundation on Culture and the Arts
Sanni Tharp

Dorrance Family Foundation

Carmen Armadio
*Lee Cone
Jim & Andrea Harris
*Kristin Holmes
William & Donna Johnson
Paul & Vera Lempio
*Jennifer Meyers & Arnold Jacobson
Jack Naiditch
Network for Good
Jolyne Rego
Charles Spence & James Batchelder
*Steve and Janice-Roberts Sussman
Anne Marie Wilder

Larry Armstrong
Cythia Burkitt
*Jeanne and Michael Duberstein
*Jane Lovell
Sally McConnell-Ginet
Jeanette McKinley
Ruth Murata-Eisen
*Jeane Raine
Barbara Roark
Lawrence Shaw
Lisa Teichner
Ted Tufty
*Susan Weihl
Robert E. Wills & Beth A. Fobbe-Wills

Asian Cuisine
*Damon & Dezireen Austin
*Walter Bissett & Bernard Foong
Virginia Cantorna
Margo Cohen
Gina Duncan
Foodland (Give Aloha)
Laurie Lowson
Carolyn & Jack Schaefer Gray
*D. Kent Stewart
Zel & Marjorie Terluin
Penny & Clyde Wakida

Jeff Alfriend
Judy Anderson
Sharon Atkinson
Joy Sarrell & Kalani Au
Evelyn Billington
Jennifer Bohlin
Eliza Brady
Bunt Burkhalter
Meryl & Bruce Cohen
Joseph D’Antonio
Eva Daniells
Martha Dean
Susan DeCourcy
Martin Diamond
Amanda Eller
Lynn Erickson
Steve Farmer
*Molli Fleming
Tom Florey
Alyce B. Haines
Kimberley Haines
Dana Hays
Christopher Jacobs
Stuart Karlan
Rona & Tom Landrigan
Elizabeth Leavitt
Alexie Lee
Hal Louchheim
Marc Lowenstein
Jane Marshall
Douglas & Gale McNish
Geoffrey Naylor
Karen & Tom Nelson
Bonnie Newman
Deanna Pennington
E & C Probert
Pratima Seefeldt
Rob & Louisa Shelton
*Teri Sherrow
Sandra Shimabukuro
Charles Jay Slaughter
Vicki Soo Hoo
Rae Takemoto
The GE Foundation
Barbara Timo
Leah Tinkleman
Lilli Townsend
*Pam Weaver
Rob Weltman
Fred Wood
Kathleen Worley
*Helen Yoo

Up to $99
*Paul Alkire
Ellen Belconis
Elora Bidasha
*Tracey Bloser
*Bruce Bond
Doug Boyd
Marlo Browne
Christine Conlon-Kemp
*Elizabeth Current
Diana Dahl
Lotus & Sun Dancer
Kimberly Dolan
Frank & Jane Emanuel
Cindy Giebink
Sonja Gleason
Diana Grant
Renato Guasconi
*Sarah Hofstadter
Jessica Kapoor
Bill Kepler
Cameron Keys
David Kieburtz
*Margaret King
Eric Micha’el Leventhal
Marshall Lippman
Loriana Machabee
Vaughn Paul Manley
*Linda Martin
Amy Mathis
*Alice McDermott
Suzi Osborn
Gail Pickholz
Mary Plaunt
Stacie Proctor
Noralee & Tom Rockwell
Karli Rose
*John Rowehl
Rosemary Rutherford
Patricia Satenstein
Molly Schad
Linda Shatzer
Josie Simpson
Charmaine Tavares
Dorathea Thorangren
Emily Ulm
Jacob Villanueva
Gretchen Voxland
*David Welsh
Western Union
Audrey Wilson
Bill & Nancy Worth

In Kind
Walter J. Bissett
Kihei Lutheran Church, Pastor Joel Martyn
David Kuraya
Tom Landrigan
Little Red Wagon Moving Company, Scott Hagenow
Bonnie Newman
Swan Interiors & Kristin Holmes
Zel Terluin

A huge thank you to everyone who helps with housing for all our visiting musicians!