Ana Kalina – Maui Chamber Orchestra

Ana Kalina

Violin II

Ana began playing the violin at the age of 9-years-old in Southern California. She followed in the footsteps of her grandfather whose love for music included playing all the classical stringed instruments and the mandolin. Ana later learned how to play the cello, piano, and ukulele. Ana has performed with alternative rock bands, chamber orchestras, and string quartets throughout her life. She currently performs with the Maui Pops Symphony, Maui Masterworks Festival, and the Maui Chamber Orchestra. Ana also sings backup vocals and plays fiddle in a classic rock band from Lahaina called Za.

In 2004 Ana received her Master’s Degree in Marital Family Therapy. In her private psychotherapy practice, she uses music to facilitate and promote nurturing parent/child relationships. Parents and children are enriched through the process of learning music together. Parents learn to adopt and develop a nurturing parenting style that utilizes positive reinforcement techniques. Kids thrive and learn quickly when they are praised for doing well. Ana enjoys being a violin teacher and strives to make the learning experience fun! When kids are able to create a foundation of accomplishments, it contributes to their sense of well-being. Experiences of being successful are moments a child can carry with them throughout their lifetime.

Ana is fortunate to have found a career that combines her love for music and helping people. She continues to find ways to bring music to others, especially young people whose access to the Arts have been cut. Her desire is to develop a non-profit that brings the Arts to our youth on the island of Maui. She envisions an organization that subsidizes music programs for kids that complement and enhances their educational experience. Many studies suggest that music training integrated with classroom learning improves test scores overall. Ana believes that bringing more music to kids’ lives will create a better future for our world.