Bequests – Maui Chamber Orchestra

A bequest is a simple and convenient way to leave a lasting and significant impression on the Maui Chamber Orchestra.

A bequest may be made for:

  • a specific gift of cash, stock or securities; or
  • a percentage of your estate after expenses are paid and after payment of any specific amounts designated to other beneficiaries

And may be designated for either:

  • General unrestricted purposes to be used at the MCO’s discretion; or
  • Restricted for endowment purposes.

The following model language may be helpful to you and your attorney in drafting your bequest to the Maui Chamber Orchestra:

I hereby give and devise to the Maui Chamber Orchestra Society, a Hawai`i nonprofit corporation,
the sum of $______,
or ___% of the residue of my estate, or
the rest, residue, and remainder of my estate, for its general, unrestricted purposes.

For more information on bequests please contact John Rowehl, Executive Director, at 808-214-6371 or