Charitable Gift Annuities – Maui Chamber Orchestra

Did you know that you could make a gift that may provide you with a steady income for the remainder of your life?

A charitable gift annuity is a gift that provides a fixed, annual income payment to you or a beneficiary for life, after which it permanently adds to the MCO’s endowment. After you make your gift, the MCO makes fixed, semi-annual payments to you, the amount of which never fluctuates and is not dependent upon the MCO’s investment of the gift. This is a wonderful way to make a significant gift to the MCO while receiving a stable stream of income for the remainder of your life.

Here is an example of how a charitable gift annuity works:

Mr. and Mrs. Schumann, ages 65 and 62, contribute $15,000 to establish a Charitable Gift Annuity.

  • The MCO receives a significant gift
  • The Schumanns receive an immediate tax deduction of $3,723
  • They receive semi-annual payments totaling $615 per year for the rest of their lives.

These calculations are for illustration purposes only.

For more information on Charitable Gift Annuities or to receive a sample projection at no obligation, please contact John Rowehl, Executive Director, at 808-214-6371 or